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What is it?

The Climate Labs is a free online training program promoting sustainable education, critical thinking, and collective co-creation. It was developed by the international platform 2811 with the financial support of the European Union and supported by Climate KIC.

The 5-week program trains and empowers secondary education teachers in Berlin to integrate climate change-related content into their classrooms. The project also enables secondary education students to engage actively with urban socio-environmental challenges by implementing a Young Climathon. In this one- to two-day event, students work together with their teacher on a real climate challenge in Berlin provided by a specific societal actor (e.g. a school, the city, the local government, or a company)

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Innovative pedagogical tools for teachers to impact their students toward sustainability.


Teachers with international examples of climate action from an educational perspective.


Through knowledge and methods that enable participants to activate their students and communities for socio-environmental initiatives.


Capacity building

Teachers will explore the links between climate change and socio-ecological challenges and will complete the course equipped with practical tools and methods to address these topics in and outside their classrooms.


Participants will connect with other secondary education teachers in Berlin, mindful of the environment and motivated to foster the development of 21st-century skills in their students, such as self-efficacy, empathy, systemic thinking, and digital literacy. 


The participants will be certified in “Education for Climate Action” by 2811 and EIT Climate-KIC, Europe’s leading climate innovation initiative.


Participants will interact with the 2811 team and engage in these activities: 

Surveys: A series of online questions to gather data on the knowledge, opinions, and perspectives of the participants.

Calls: Live online sessions to exchange opinions, perspectives, and ideas with the facilitators, participants, and experts on education for sustainable development (ESD) and climate action.

Comments: Discussions are a fundamental component of the asynchronous section of the Climate Labs. Participants should comment on their appreciation of the shared materials, if relevant, react to other interventions.

Contents: For the teacher training, Climate Labs uses an online learning platform (Teachable) where articles, videos, and other didactic and methodological materials are shared with the participants.

Final deliverable: To obtain the official certification, participants will elaborate -and present, if required- a proposal for integrating the tools and methods explored in the Climate Labs into their curricula or program design.


The Young Climathon entails the following elements: 

  • A 1- to 2-day climate hackathon
  • Students work on real-life challenges in urban contexts and develop innovative solutions
  • Students start transforming their solutions into project or business ideas
  • Use of participatory and innovative visual and digital tools and methods
  • Input from experts, fellow students & entrepreneurs and mentoring from coaches and EIT Climate-KIC Alumni
  • Students pitch their idea in front of a jury


If you need more information, feel free to visit the official Young Climathon website or ask your questions at



The online teacher training entails 4 Modules over 4 weeks, summing up to 3 hours per week:

1- to 2-day young Climathon


The Climate Labs will be implemented between September and October 2023. An informative webinar will be held on May 16th to answer any questions about the project (register here). If you cannot attend this informative session, feel free to contact us at with any questions you may have.


20 secondary education teachers and schools in Berlin will be selected to participate in the project. Optimally, we expect the participants to participate both in the online teacher training and the in-person Young Climathon.


The Erasmus+ EU program funds the training and is free of charge for you.


The participants will obtain the Climate-KIC certificate upon completion of the following: 

  • Attend at least 3 of the 4 live sessions.
  • Work on the exercises published in the course
  • Hand in the Final Deliverable (a concrete plan on how to integrate the explored tools and methods, as well as the didactic and methodological materials, into or outside the classrooms)