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We help people, organizations, and communities to create resilience capacities.

Solutions in the present for a better future

Regeneration is the action that aims to restore what the planet has lost, beyond of just minimizing the damage. We seek to assist in the recovery of those ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged or destroyed.

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Collaboration is key. If you want to participate in one of our programs, wish to ally with us, or consult about an initiative, don't hesitate to contact us!

Our courses

Sharing our knowledge
Enroll in this courses to get tools and strategies for climate action in your context.

Enrolling in this course will give you different tools and strategies for climate action in your context.


Course for young people to get involved in climate action and sustainable solutions in Berlin.

Sustainable finance course

Learn about impact investment, sustainable projects and economic regeneration.

Sustainable fashion

We seek to teach about a new paradigm for the fashion industry from a green and sustainable perspective.


The Climate Labs is a free online training program promoting sustainable education, critical thinking, and collective co-creation. 

Food systems

The world needs new models of resilient food, and sustainability is the way to go.

Nature-based solutions

Our desitions must take into account our planet more than ever. Learn to develop strategies aligned with nature.

Our next events

The following events have a focus on regeneration and climate action.

  • Climate Justice Camps Berlin June 2023

  • Climate Action Academy-Food systems Dresden April 2023

  • Conference in Mexico April 2023

  • ClimateLabs Conference MX June 2023

Our impact

Our main three areas of work

We seek a holistic approach when it comes to the repairs and the regeneration our planet needs. Our efforts are divided into three branches to influence Earth’s nature and Earth’s inhabitants.


Testimonies from people that have participated in our activities.

I found the learning tools they shared very interesting, and also liked the subtle way in which they encourage creativity.

Climate Action Academy participant

What interested me most about the module is being able to learn about strategies to deal with climate change, which is a global problem that we can provide a solution from small local actions in our territories.

Climate Action Academy participant

Our partners

Organizations that have trusted 2811’s work

We aim to co-create solutions with educational institutions, companies, cooperation agencies, public entities and intersectoral leaders to move foward climate action initiatives around the world.

Our experts

Our team of experts is trained to guide you through climate action processes to generate more impact and further accelerate your efforts. 



 We have a team full of experts that will guide you through your climate action processes in order to generate more impact and further accelerate your efforts. 

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