2811 Hosts Climate Educators Forum for U.S. Teachers

September 2020/The newly established 2811 USA team hosted 25 educators of various subjects from around the U.S. in our first Climate Educators Forum on September 12, 2020 to discuss the ways educators are teaching about climate change. The objective of this forum was to inspire and be inspired by the practices teachers are implementing in their classrooms.

Covid-19 and the climate crisis are linked

Media has been calling the Covid-19 pandemic “the worst crisis in 100 years”. The same can be said about the global climate crisis. Indeed, the two crises have similarities. Handled in a good way, both can help to improve humankind’s resilience.

Why Climate Education?

Our communities continue to have their health, security and well-being threatened by the climate emergency. Yet, few are equipped with the knowledge and strategies to voice their concerns and mitigate the damage.